When we recovered from the first shock, we suddenly had space. All kind of people jumped in this space with challenges, online training programs to stay in shape or perhaps finally get fit in that megalomaniac killer body, all kinds of webinars, podcasts and crash courses with a really wide range to choose from every day.

As if it is bad to have some “spare” time.
As if it is not allowed to feel “space”.

When I read the piece by Emma Zeck * I recognized a lot of it as I experienced it, because…

In the space that this time gives you, you do not have to write the next bestseller novel, you do not have to experience the biggest peak of your life or suddenly start that podcast or start doing that fitness program. You could also sit and observe in peace. Let the systems that you see crumble in society also degrade in ourselves. It is the system that taught us that we must “do” and we don’t matter if we do not. It is the system that put performance and property above human being in themselves. The system that help us create our uncertainties and build a business model on it to help us get rid of it. Because we’re not allowed to just sit down and be happy ?!

What would happen if you look at what this space brings you from a distance? This space without an agenda, without having to do so much…
What if you allow yourself to leave the space to rest and cry and laugh and play and be curious about what comes to mind? Without judgment, without pressure, without having to do anything with it You may discover that your true purpose is here and now. In the middle of the space that has always been there, but that you filled with all kind of stuff.

Although I didn’t notice great difference at first because my work just goes on and also everything that was in the pipeline is ever going to take place somewhere again, after a few weeks I noticed it has become a lot calmer in my agenda, in my social life and in myself.

In that peace, I pay close attention to what unfolds in my heart, my head, my body. Not that I can do anything with what is happening. Even if I would like to, there is nowhere to go. But that is okay.

I use the space to consciously leave behind what no longer serves me. I let go those things that I have been carrying with me for too long and that sometimes unbalance me, because they assert themselves when I do not expect it. I unhook them and let them float …

I use the space to make space. For example, I regularly ask myself what kind of energy the things I encounter in my house gives me. Is it a beautiful memory, a happy feeling? Is it the disappointment of a passing love, a moment of deception? Based on that, I choose whether it remains or is passed on. From fountain pens to shoes and from photo books to unfinished chores, which I once again …………

In this space, I know that no matter what happens, I will soon be a lighter traveler on my way to somewhere else or perhaps never again.

What do you do with the time given to you?
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