This painting (1.80 x .80 m) I made years ago, after my second visit to la Republica Dominicana where I fell in love with the kindness of the people surrounding me.

They took care of my safety as soon as I entered their resort and were alert no one was bothering me, they always found a place where I could eat in peace, put a glass of white wine next to my lunchplate as soon as they noticed I stopped my writingwork and was heading up for something nice to eat, cuz they knew I would go for some chilltime afterwards, read a book, take a swim or a siësta.

They definetely stole my heart when they invited me at their table the night I returned from a not so much guided and not so much prepared trip into the inland, where we got a flat tire and discovered the spare one in the same condition, got to find a road mechanic, didn’t had enough money to pay him and ended up in hugh delay and loads of stress cuz of the bandido’s all over the place and darkness covering them up. At the time I came home I was exhausted, had to deal with wild emotions and was hungry as a bear. The kitchen was closed, everyone was gone and they all just settled for their meal. Without words they made space for me, put a chair and a plate there, shared their food with me, comforted me when I started to cry cuz of the too much of everything.

One night they asked me to come for a midnight swimming happening amongst the workers (and brought me home afterwards, even it was only a 400 m walk).

These days I danced the most wonderful Bachatas at the beach, while being refilled with Pina coladas sin vitamines if it was getting late and everymorning I was welcomed with a choir which sang ‘gooooooooodmorning Princessa’. 🥰

I asked the owner of this painting to send me a picture so I can use it as an example for my next one. Again I want to challenge myself to get the light in the water and the waves in 3D and reactivate the memory of travelling the world.





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