“If we build walls and the feeling of “I” separated from “you” becomes stronger while you are struggling and suffering, you can turn the whole thing around simply enough by not building any walls.

By remaining open to the difficulties, the feelings you are dealing with and simply not talking to yourself about what is happening.

That is a revolutionary step.

Dealing with your pain intimately is key to changing your deepest self. Stay open with everything you experience. Let the sharp point of a heavy period pierce your heart, opening such a time to make you humble, wiser and braver. Allow these problems and difficulties to transform you. Then it also happens.

I know from experience that we only need help to learn not to run away.”

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The five keys to mindful communication* 
Susan Gillis Chapman

The sentence about learning not to run away crossed my mind this morning, while being touched in my fear of losing, of not being in control, of not knowing when or if and if so, what’s next. I became insecure, felt vulnerable, dependent.

Soft tears ran down my cheeks…

I went out for a walk and in the fresh morningrain I realized fear is part of the deal of opening up. I remembered the vow I made to myself to not run away even if I got scared. To ask for help if needed.

And guess what, I didn’t even have to give words to all this. He just needed to hear my voice to know what to do.

I surpassed myself. I stayed. I know why. I know I will.





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