This morning the computersystem we use for our work was completely down and funny enough, just a few minutes earlier I saw cristal clear how dependent we are of internet and our ‘all time have to be reliable’ computersystems (sorry, I jinxed it).

I noticed how this dependeancy (as all dependancies do) limits our freedom of choice.

I again realized how wonderful it is to be able to leave by choice by car or, for example when that engine won’t run, to be able to jump on my bike, grab a train or go on roller skates (or whatever) on the go instead of being glued to computers for all kind of jobs, meetings, webinars, meditations and yoga classes, educational programs for our kids, even our music lessons, grocerie supplies, medical supplies… it’s all downgraded to online business because of our social distancing policy.

I thought about how tricky it is our whole life these days depends on just one factor. Et voilá. The system went down and me and my almost 30 colleagues couldn’t do anything of what was schefuled up for half a day.

This is a huge dependence we created here which we made even more monstrous by locking ourselves down.

Because I nevertheless wanted to make good use of my time (yeah, I know, it’s my human doing blood) I did all kind of things I could do barehandedand such as clubbing the loosened cloth over my terrace, doing my homework for my course with a pen and a notepad, reading some pages in a paperback, making a little drawing on canvas and cut the groceries for dinner.

As usual in eveningtime I spoke to my precious one. I told him about our struggle and I confessed we may be very wealthy here and in his part of the world they are not, but we have forgotten to deal with what has been given to us and we think we can determine everything ourselves and become frustrated when it doesn’t work out that way, while he, living in the Gambia, quietly continues breathing and tells me not to worry cuz everything will be fine one day, while there are currently much more serious things going on there than a crashed computer system that will be fixed.



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