I think this is the weirdest #Easter weekend ever. I have been in (physical) social isolation for a month now, conduct the conversations with clients by telephone, employ a colleague using switched telephone connections, hold discussions about upcoming gigs via Skype and keep in touch with my think tanks, world changers, connectors and hard workers in social domain through Whatsapp groups, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Zoom, call my mother every day, bring groceries without hugging, make neighborly talks at the door from a distance, throw a card more often or have a flower delivered somewhere and dance to live streams from empty clubs (or from the studios of DJs at home), sometimes with the knowledge that friends & girlfriends dance to the same beat everywhere and everywhere in all time zones.

And meanwhile every morning I am digitally taken on a walk through Serrekunda, while the birds wake up there, the dog chimes when he hears us coming and I can hear the rooster where we walk. Every morning we share our dreams, go through our day plans, come back to something that happened in one of our conversations the previous day and throw in the cosmos that the day will come when we can make tea together after the walk.

#drumsinthetimeofcorona Is the name of the umbrella on which I hang everything that emerges in this time of moving back to basics and looking ahead from there and so these days I just tap that egg alone at home.



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