In my eager to learn more about djembé, the internet provides me well. 🥰

I’m searching the internet to connect with the vibe and find a lot of good stuff. For example The Otomi Toltec Wisom Keepers, Elders and Medicine People Indigenous Nations World Project: 8 billion people coming together.

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The 8000 drums keepers intention is to promote compassionate love, the joy of living and to bring more peace in the world. That resonates with my soul, so every night from 7 till 7.40 pm (Western time incl DST in Holland) I play my drum.


“When 8000 sacred drums sound together an intense healing of Mother Earth will commence. An more peace will come “

(500 year old Otomi Toltec Vision)

But there is more about this movement…

On March 21st, 2009 all across ‘Canada’, Indigenous peoples and their supporters gathered for the 8,000 Drums Sacred Ceremony. On Coast Salish Territory, more then 200 people attended to celebrate Indigenous culture and life. In memory of the 3000+ women murdered or missing across the country, Indigenous woman lead the group in an amazing version of the Women’s Warrior Song. Dedicated to all the missing and murdered woman, 80% of whom are Aboriginal, justice now!

And for who thinks that this is something from long long time ago: in 2019 they made this video which features the West Shore Canoe Family who sing ‘every day and every night I pray for you. I love and miss you. Sister, come home‘ to honour them and never forget.

Again and again there is an annual march to break the silence about the violance Indigenous women have to face uptill now. Check more information about the march of 2020 here.

Still work to do.
Still have to drum the 8000 drums.
To help to heal the world.



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